Je voudrais is a fashion film showcasing the jewellery of MAWI. It portrays an insatiable desire for fashion, a hunger that is illustrated in a never ending dinner where food and jewellery merge, creating irresistible temptation.

Je voudrais
Director: Maite Catti
Featuring: Jeske Noordergraaf @ Max Models, Sebastian Kox
Jewellery by MAWI: Heiress collection
Camera: Sanne van Rossum
Editor: Leonie Hoever
Make-up and hair: Corinne van der Heijden
Stylist: Maite Catti
Stylist’s assistant: Marieke Poortman
Gaffer : Jair Mahazri
Electrician : Daan Bukman
Grading : Christian Paulussen
Chef de cuisine: Jesse Huijnen
Dress by: Pauline van Dongen
Location: Huize Molenaar
Original music: Leo Ferré- La lettre

Featured in:
Vogue Italia, Vogue Video Lab
Limited Edition Fanzine for the On|Off Paris Fashion Week venue

For MAWI jewellery,
Selected by Rankin for the February 2012 'Dig the New Breed' exhibition in the Annroy gallery, London
Exhibited at the Infashion event, Utrecht

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