Reincarnated is about the transiency, or temporary aspect of fashion. The main characters are in a constant struggle, as they are in control by an unknown power- a hint towards the fashion industry, which decides who recreates. Nonetheless they strive to gain attention, expose their forgotten beauty and find appreciation in a world that reinvents itself every season.

Director: Maite Catti

Camera: Gijs Besseling
Styling: Maite Catti
Music: Lex van Dop
Sound design: Autonon
Editing: Lex van Dop
Stylist’s assistant: Marieke Poortman
Hair: Rivka Dieho
Make-up: Ilse Blokland
Cast: Marija @ 77models, Thiska, Elisabeth, Lori @ maxmodels, Lyanne
Designers: Femke Agema, Lisa Colpeart, Bregje Cox, Manouk Hasebos, Hellen van Rees

Featured in: (Argentina) (Netherlands) (Italy) (Sweden) (Netherlands)

Fashionclash exhibition (Netherlands)

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