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In embracing the internet, film and performances, fashion communication today seems no longer bound to the pages of magazines. Technological developments and the increasing amount of new platforms make it possible to change the standards of how fashion is communicated. In the installation named The Bubble I show a fashion story through a total experience in which the viewer becomes a participant. The projected story is visualised in a closed off environment that contributes to the perception of the story. The Bubble is a metaphor for the fashion industry. A dream world which could be seen as a bubble, as a form of escapism. The fashion industry can have a strong influence through the creation of ideals which cause a constant longing for personal alteration. The installation represents part of this search for self-expression.

Interactive design: Diederik de Jong and Marcus Spaapen

The viewer enters the installation and isolates himself by closing it. Slowly it will blow itself up, by use of a wind blower and the video projection that is beamed around the viewer will appear. In the video projection the model runs around the viewer. She seems to run away while at the same time appearing to be striving after something. The Bubble as a platform presents a new direction in how a conceptualized experience can be used for a progressive form of fashion communication.

Concept and styling: Maite Catti
Video and edit: Thorsten Alofs
Music: Tim Meijer
Hair and make-up: Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen
Clothing by Annabelle Baldero Lacuna and SPRMRKT



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